My Private Art Exhibitions

Since 1989 I have held private showings and sales of Haitian art in all media at my home in Plantation, Florida, located directly west of downtown Fort Lauderdale (a 40-minute drive north of Miami).

These successful events allow veteran and beginning collectors to see a wide variety of recently purchased artwork that comes direct from Haiti, either through my own personal purchase or on consignment from friends who have galleries in Haiti. These shows are held each weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 6 p.m. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The atmosphere of seeing Haitian art within a home setting is also casual and laid-back, allowing people to imagine how the art would look on their own walls. With champagne,Haitian cremas, and soft drinks, plus Christmas cookies and lump crabmeat dip, my private show offers good things to eat and drink.

In the fall of 2004, I added an extra show, with a portion of profits from sales given to Food for the Poor and earmarked for Haiti. The show was held on one weekend in mid-October, 2004 to benefit survivors of the terrible flood in Gonaives, Haiti. The money was given to Food for the Poor because this organization had helicopters that dropped in food and water supplies, rather than drive them in over roads where bandits robbed many trucks. This show was a big success, as people came to support the cause of the survivors who needed help. Some people just gave checks to various agencies. I also had a printout of various organizations that were helping the cause of the flood victims.