(1933- )

Lafortune Felix Portrait smBorn in the village of Poterie, La Fortune Felix became a houngan (voodoo priest). His murals of the voodoo spirits on the exterior walls of his small voodoo temple caught the attention of Pierre Monosiet, director of the Museum of Haitian Art, in 1975. Monosiet encouraged him by providing materials, purchasing his first works and helping him to sell other paintings. Dealing solely in voodoo themes, Felix has been compared to Hector Hyppolite - both houngans from the agricultural Artibonite Valley with a tendency toward mystical subjects. According to his long-time dealer Dr. Carlos Jara in “Les Visions Magiques de La Fortune Felix:” “This talent for color, together with his mastery of composition, and his powerful and striking originality, make of La Fortune Felix a very special case in the artistic world of Haiti.”

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